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Veljko Zejak


Veljko Zejak works in an expanded media of sculpture: light and sound installations, video documentaries and printmaking in clay. Printmaking technique in clay combines the principles of ceramics, printmaking and sculpture. He invented it in 2001, at that time he was 2nd year student at the Art Academy in Belgrade. He made this technique through improvisation – experimenting with available materials and knowledge in different media.
In presented works, inspired by post stamp or money bill like an object with national, ideological and political meanings, which was transferred in an iconographic image. With multiplication, these works get association on pop art.
Therefore, he works with vulnerable groups and integrate them into my collective projects.
He often creates landart or site-specific installations, building hybrid forms and structures, which he upgrade with the meaning of identity, the memory of the space or objects from which the work is composed. A common starting point for these works is the relation towards landscape in a wider context.
Relation to social tensions and social responsibility characterizes his artwork.

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