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Tania Welz


Welz set out as a painter but soon felt that the two-dimensional surface of the canvas and the use of paints and brushes were limiting her creativity. She felt the need to bring a sculptural element into her work but at the same time, she wanted to avoid the hardness and rigidity associated with traditional sculpture. At this point, she turned to textiles, experimenting with a variety of materials and textures that she transformed into large, abstract fiber art wall-hangings.
Her work is not only arresting in terms of colour and composition, but also entices the viewer through different elements presented in intriguing juxtapositions. If great mas- ters of the past revealed their interior world through the strength and the thickness of the brush stroke, Welz achieves her results through tearing, rebuilding, padding and burning her motifs.
Welz contrasts the textures and physical characteristics of many different materials but is also well aware of their cultural and social history, making her work both visually and conceptually very dynamic and contemporary.

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