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Nikola Kolya Božović


Nikola Božović (Belgrade, 1975) is interested in polished mise-en-scène of the post-industrial world in which the production line, commodification and design are reduced to highly stylised fragments. Using elements composed of car parts, such as headlights wrapped in smooth enamelled sheaths in bold red, blue or black, Božović creates sympathetic hybrids and mutants which resemble mechanical household pets: their energy and dynamism are borrowed from the high-end design, not in the service of function but pure aesthetics.

Božović obtained his BA and MA degree at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, where he now works as a senior lecturer. Exhibits independently since 1999, and has received Golden Palette Award (2001), White Angel Award (2001), as well as the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation scholarship (2011). Member of the Association of Visual Artists of Serbia.

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