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22 Feb – 30 June

Miloš Todorović
Apocalypse Insight

The Apocalypse Insight (2019/20) cycle of paintings develops ideas and topics stemmed from a series of work named Gods (2015), manifested by the urge for the visible and (in) tangible, abstract and figurative at the same time. 

31 May – 22 June 2019

Lola Sprenger
Letter to the Future

Works from the series Letter to the Future present nostalgic projections of futuristic reality, based on allusions of the past and transformed by memories that load the effects of the present moment. Lola’s landscapes are not tangible zones, nor are they determined by time and space, although they are based on thememories of a little girl.

12 Apr – 25 May 2019

Marko Lađušić

Megastructures is a cycle of paintings that reflect the evolution of visions stemming from the artist’s childhood, as well as the perfecting of a unique technological method used within the media, which has been derived from Chaos, an artwork that encapsulates the integral and comprehensive principle of the Gravity series of images.

23 Mar – 8 Apr 2019

Artists in focus

Miloš Tomic and Nikola Kolya Božovic are the authors in focus of the 1st edition of the project which concept is based on the curator’s role in selecting works from the various artists as showpieces that create the new dialogues, mutual influences and meanings.

Dec 7th, 2018 – Feb 28th, 2019

Bigger Picture

Bigger Picture, exhibition in four parts, features the work by sixteen artists of Drina Gallery. Passing through the eclectic spaces of four imaginary collectors, the four segments (Lines, Who Am I?, Glamorama and Hellfire) present a journey through the art of collecting.

Jun 21st – Aug 4th 2018

Nikola Džafo: The Garden of Solstice Secrets

Solo exhibition of latest works by Nikola Dzafo.

Feb 9th – Mar 23rd 2018

Radical Softness

Internalised space of the tempered object in the work of Olivera Parlić, Marijana Ćurčić, Mia Ćuk and Valentina Savić.

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Drina Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded in 2016 in Belgrade. It aims to nurture and reconnect the best talent from the region with the international art scene, showcasing the strong, consistent and innovative works from the artists we follow and know well.

Drina Gallery also aims to collaborate with gallerists, curators and artists to facilitate further international projects, building a hub of artistic activity in Belgrade.

Erich Cossutta and Radivoje Petrikic are the founders of Drina Gallery. The gallery programme is directed by Nataša Radojevic.


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