The Gallery is named after the Drina River. The toponym epitomizing the strength and vitality, is created by the confluence of two rivers in the inaccessible part of the Dinarides. Its flow features many meanders, deep and narrow canyons based on which this river is listed as one of the most beautiful ones of the Black Sea basin. Cold and rapid, it is known for its distinctive emerald colour which earned it the name Zelenika or Zelenka (the name derived from the Serbian word zelena meaning green).

The Drina River is rich in history. It once served as the border between the East and West Roman Empires. Later on it divided empires and witnessed bloody battles and turmoil. The Drina is a river unreal in its beauty and strength, a place of specific memory culture.

The basic concept of the Gallery is the presentation and promotion of the contemporary Serbian art. Conditioned by its geographical position, historical background and rich heritage, a new complex art scene emerged and, with the dissolution of the federal state Yugoslavia and the changed political circumstances, placed new challenges before contemporary visual arts critics.

The Gallery intends to present the contemporary authors and to position them on the international art scene. With our enthusiasm and gallery organization, we wish to participate in the developmental courses of the Serbian art, domestically and abroad. By organizing exhibitions, forums, seminars, workshops, art residences and other programs, we put emphasis on dynamic communication and exchange of perceptions and ideas.

Drina Gallery is located in the city epicentre, in the pedestrian zone at Andrićev Venac number 4. Located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Palace and Pioneer Park (once the garden of the palace complex) next to the fountain Cascade dominated by the statue of the Nobel laureate Ivo Andric.




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December 22, 2016.

"My artistic interest has always been inclined toward less glorified aspects of everyday life, the pursuit of a different world that apparently exists hidden and often invisible within this one. I have never tried to show conventional beauty. Interest in the marginal, not avoiding of what is usually considered ordinary and irrelevant represents the willingness to place secondary aspects into the center of the frame - depicting a subject that possesses greatness that has nothing to do with social status or physical beauty."

Drina Gallery in press

Gallery opening
October the 7th, 2016

Drina Gallery was opened on 7th of October, 2016


Dragan Zdravkovic Born in 1969 in Belgrade.

MFA - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, 1999.

BFA - Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Arts in Belgrade, 1994.

Currently at PhD (D.f.A. doctoral studies) in fine arts.(A.F.A,Belgrade)

Exhibited his work in twenty two personal exhibitions and over 65group shows, also participated in many workshops.

He taught painting as full-time professor (painting) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade since 2000 till 2014.

Member of Serbian Fine Artists Association (ULUS) since 1996.

International commissioner at 3 rd International Engraving Biennial of Douro, Portugal.

He is a founding member and lecturer of a nongovernmentalorganization for international student exchange CMUS (Center for International Studies of Art) www.outsideproject.org He taught painting (as visiting professor) at the SACI - Studio Art Centers International – New York – Florence. He was a founding member of manifestation“Open Studios Night“, Belgrade. Member of art council of „Gallery 73“, Belgrade, 2007-2013. He led a painting workshop entitled “Cultural Heritage: Byzantine Icon” in Belgrade’s Gallery of Frescoes, this program was organized for students of the Studio Art Centers International (SACI), New York – Florence. His works are part of several museum, public & private collections. He is a represented artist by the “White8 Gallery” (Vienna/Villach), Salve Art Gallery (Leipzig) & DRINA Contemporary Art Gallery (Belgrade). Currently lives in Belgrade, works as an Assistant Professor /dep: painting & drawing/ University of Arts, Faculty of Applied Arts - Belgrade.


Indigo Night

oil on canvas, 2012, 50x85 cm

Winter Ends

oil on jute fabric, 2014, 140x100 cm

The Third Man

oil & acryl on linen, 2013, 100x140 cm

The Salon

oil and acrylic on canvas, 2016, 200x145 cm

Djordje Stanojevic (Belgrade, Serbia) Born 1974 in Osecina, Serbia. "The subject of my art is the earth - as a territory, as a part of history, but also the energy space. It is an engaged approach that links art with many philosophical and ethical issues." Djordje Stanojevic is professor at Academy of Fine Art and Multimedia in Belgrade. After obtaining B.A. and M.F.A. degrees, she is currently completing her Ph.D. dissertation at the faculty of fine arts in Belgrade. He had thirty-two solo and numerous group exhibitions. The founder and artistic director of the international ecological artistic platform Nature & Art. His objects and paintings are represented in museums, public and private collections in Serbia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, Slovenia, Greece, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Romania.


Fantastic Landscape 01

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2015, 100x150 cm

Fantastic Landscape 02

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2015, 100x150 cm

Fantastic Landscape 03

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2010-2015, 150x100 cm

Fantastic Landscape 04

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2015, 180x300 cm

Fantastic Landscape 05

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2015, 180x300 cm

Fantastic Landscape 06

earth, natural pigment and medium on canvas, 2015, 180x300 cm

Petar Mosic was born on 11th of June, in Belgrade. Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, department of painting, completed in 2010, under Professor Darija Kačić. Doctoral art studies at the same university he enrolled in 2013, under the mentorship of Professor Anđelka Bojović. He has received several awards for painting, most notably the Golden Palette Award, the Spring Exhibition of ULUS (Association of Fine Artists of Serbia). His works are in public collections "GLO'ART" organizations in Belgium, the insurance company "Wiener Städtische", hotel "Marriott" and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He made several murals on public buildings in Belgrade. Since 2016 he is a member of the Council of Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He is founder of the artist group ST.ART.



oil on canvas, 2016, 195x150 cm


oil on canvas, 200x180 cm

When I open my eyes

oil on canvas, 2015, 138x118 cm

Mile Saula


Long Walks

mixed media on paper, 100x70 cm

mixed media on paper, 100x70 cm

oil on canvas, 90x70 cm

Ronnies start

oil on canvas, 100x70 cm

Happy people

mixed media on paper, 100x70 cm

In the park

mixed media on paper, 100x70 cm

Jovanka Stanojevic, born 1979 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Her work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions in Belgrade, UK, Switzerland, Spain and Greece. She received a number of painting awards (1. Prize Public Choice Award- Nord Art 2013; Philip Morris Industry Art Foundation - Second Prize, Milena Pavlovic Barili - Grand Prix, Best solo exhibition- KNU, Best new member of Fine Artists Association Serbia…). International residencies at International school of panting, drawing and sculpture, Montecastello, Italy and Outside Project, Florence, Italy.

Since 2008 Jovanka Stanojevic is working as an Assistant Professor at the the Faculty of Art and Design Megatrend University, Belgrade. After obtaining BA and MFA degrees, is currently completing her PHD dissetration at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Her drawings and paintings are a part of public and private collections in Serbia, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Greece, Italy and Denmark.



acrylic and dry pastell on canvas, 85x65 cm


acrylic and dry pastell on canvas, 85x65 cm


acrylic and dry pastell on canvas, 85x65 cm

Ivana Ivkovic (born 1979 in Belgrade / Serbia) holds a M.A. degree in Drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

Since 2002 she has exhibited in several very successful solo shows in Belgrade, New York, Duseldorf, Vienna, La Coruña, Bodrum and Copenhagen, as well as many group shows internationally. She is a two-time finalist of the prestigious Politika prize for the best exhibition, and the holder of KulturKontakt Vienna, Austria, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2008, Residency Unlimited New York, USA, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2012, Casa dell Arte, Bodrum, Turkey, Artist in Residence scholarship for 2013 and Les Gens Heureux, Artist in Residence program, Copenhagen , Denmark for 2013. Her works are part of Telenor Collection of Serbian Contemporary Art, Collection of the Museum of Belgrade city and of several important private collections in New York and Basel. Ivana lives and works in her home city Belgrade.


Branislav Nikolic



120x100 cm

Nemanja Djordjevic / Mate



oil on canvas, 2016, 130x180 cm


detail, 2016


oil on canvas, 2014, 140x160 cm


oil on canvas, 2014, 150x130 cm


oil on canvas, 2016, 160x200 cm


drawing, detail, 2015


drawing, detail, 2014


oil on canvas, 2016., 49x50 cm